iCERT is more than a guarantee certificate. Behind it, there is a system that helps you generate greater credibility, better reputation online, more visibility and more sales for your online shop!

iCERT helps to sell more:


icert opiniones reales

100% real valuation system.

For each order that is served in the online store with the certification iCERT, the system will contact the customer in order to ask for a satisfaction valuation of the purchase. The generation of the satisfactory reviews by real customers is the best tool to increase sales of the online shop.


Greater conversion visits/sales.

Studies say that internet users base their purchase on what other buyers have bought and where they have bought it from. The system iCERT that certifies views 100% real generates a lot of confidence in the online shop, thus increasing sales.




When an opinion is given, this is publishedon iCerns web page, where it is strategically distributed to the most important social network pages in the world like Facebook and Twitter where thousands of people and sers can see what your business is going. 



A Secure purchase.

Certification iCERT ensures that the online shop complies with all current regulations of sales online, the confidentiality of data, compliance with the guarantees, delivery, returns, etc. Buy in shops with certification iCERT is a purchase with guarantees.

estadisticasMore products to purchase!

The views of other buyers can influence positively in the buying decision, leaving the price of the products as a factor with less relevance, at the same time the buyers of the online stores recognized as legal and safe made more purchases per order, thus increasing the billing.


Integration with Google.

Valuations carried out by their clients are indexed and shown graphically in Google results. This directly benefits the web with more visits because of the detailed information given that gives a greater credebility and more visibility, thus increasing the number of clicks to the results they lack a valuation.



The web Comment Plugin, iCERT is carefully designed so that it is completely integrated in the web and that its contents are fully indexable by Google to provide new content. Show the views through the plugin will improve the SEO of the online store, providing better positions in the rankings.


Quality Traffic.

The increase of the online reputation, the indexing of the views and content published on your site through iCERT's pluggings will help you positively  generate higher quality traffic toward your online commerce.



Communication with the customer is very important and will help to establish stronger links, in addition to detecting the key points to improve your business that no doubt will generate a more lasting relationship with the client.