Internet has become a key platform when doing business, both at national and international level. Among the benefits that it brings, we can highlight the global presence, the speed of processes done by making contact or savinng on costs, among others.

However, the Internet entails certain risks in which is included the proliferation of websites of companies operating on the edge of legality or that are totally out of it. It is very difficult to differentiate between an honest company which complies with its obligations to one that does not, so one of the major challenges in doing business on Internet is the generation of confidence..

Some of the questions that we face an online shop:


 iCERT is the triple solution for the generation of confidence.  certificacion-icert-que-es


The first solution will allow you to certify the identity of your company in a simple manner, including a stamp for your company that ensures it complies with all current regulations of the e-commerce.Something that reunites more that 70 criteria’s that have been created by experts in e-commerce, giving importance to certain points like transparency, security and quality of the only market, bettering at the same time European standards

By clicking on the seal of certification, a window opens with detailed information about  the company. Among the information displayed, the legal data and contact details will be included. The legality certification of your online store is a direct warranty for the buyer that positively influences the purchase decision.

opiniones reales


100% real opinions and assessments.

 The second solution is more active; an intelligent software will be introduced in to your web site and interacts autonomously without the need of generating more work for you. This is an advanced management system of customer ratings based on the own shopping experience. The system allows only customers who have done the entire process of buying to give their personal opinions and comment. Ratings are published in the tab of the certification of the online shop, giving first-hand information about the service you are provided by the store.

propagacion opiniones


Expandins on social networks.

The third solution is working through the intelligent iCERT’s spread software, where ratings and recommendations from their clients are published and indexed in the search engines, in addition the best valued opinions are widely used strategically in social networks, resulting in an increased visibility and a viral effect that positively influences the reputation and trust of online market.


Icert the perfect combination to generate more sales from your site.



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